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True catalyst of global change

What is Care.Community

Care.Community is the true force behind the revolution of care, cost and convenience. The mission and vision of the Care.Community is to decentralize healthcare and benefit administration at the speed of community. No company or organization can tackle the challenge of improving healthcare delivery and benefit administration around the globe, alone.
The full potential of our platform can only be realized through an active, engaged and prosperous community which is passionate about applying the platform to numerous benefit models that exist around the world.

Our community is empowered

intelligent apps that are easy to use and that will change the world
new payment models using the intelligence and transparency of Care.Coins
Care.Protocol to connect new stakeholders and integrate systems
by offering innovative apps and expertise in the marketplace

Community members are empowered to extend Solve.Care and apply it to different benefit models around the globe in different languages and cultures.

Care.Community has multiple memberships


Individual developer and innovator


Commercial clients


Ambassador and evangelist


Academic and research organization


Government agencies

The company has allocated significant resources and budget for development, support and rewards for Care.Community.

What is Care.Marketplace

Care.Marketplace is the appstore for applications and services. It is a way for community members to easily connect with clients and monetize their creations and expertise.

Community members can generate significant value for themselves by publishing new endpoints, pairs, cards and coin payment models.

Care.Marketplace supports different pricing models to help community members monetize their innovations and expertise:

Subscription model
Transaction model
Services model

Community managers, ambassadors and evangelists

Care.Community is actively supported and managed by dedicated community managers. There are community managers designated to serve the global Care.Community. The function of community managers is to:

  • Develop, support and listen to the community
  • Organize events for specific domains, languages and geographies
  • Appoint ambassadors and evangelists
  • Launch campaigns that involve the community in meeting specific goals
  • Manage incentives, bounties and rewards

Care.Community has a special role of ambassadors and evangelists who help promote and support community in public forums, conferences, events and with domain expertise

  • Ambassador Role
  • Organizes community events
  • Brings specific domain expertise
  • Appointed by community manager
  • Rewarded by bounties
  • Rated via feedback from community
  • Evangelist Role

  • Spreads the word about Solve.Care
  • Speaks at conferences and hosts online events
  • Appointed by community manager
  • Rewarded by bounties
  • Rated via feedback from community

Open source vs community sourced software

While open source model of software is quite popular, it does not always meet the need of government procurement and mission critical systems.
Our approach to licensing for the platform, protocol, endpoints, pairs, cards, coin and wallet is that they are open for extension and enhancement by the community, reviewed and approved prior to publication, are properly documented and available to clients as supported, commercial licenses, through the Care.Marketplace.
This approach incentivizes expertise and innovation, and gives clients access to a reliable platform, intelligent applications and a sustainable community.


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